CCS Certification Exam Information

CCS certification is one of two types of available certifications for the medical billing and coding specialist. The other type of certification available is for the CCA, also known as the Certified Coding associate. CCS certification is designed for the more advanced coder. With this type of certification, a coder can work in a hospital setting, assigning codes to diagnoses and procedures and review patient records, before they submit this information to a government agency or insurance company.

CCS Certification Application Requirements

A billing specialist that works in a clinic or private practice can obtain additional experience in health care common procedures and can qualify for the CCS-P certification.

Currently, it’s not a requirement to have completed a formal training program for medical billing and coding, in order to take the certification exam, however, an applicant will need to have a GED or diploma in order to be eligible to sit for the exam.  Certifying organizations recommend that individuals have three years of work experience, in addition to completing classes in pharmacology, pathophysiology and anatomy in order to successfully pass the CCS certification exam.

Medical coding and billing training

The certification exam is not available online and must be taken in-person. Prior to scheduling an exam, an individual will be required to submit an application and fee.

The CCS certification exam will concentrate one nine different competencies, which will include legal issues and compliance, confidentiality, privacy, reporting requirements for outpatient services and regulatory guidelines, reporting requirements for inpatient services, procedure coding, diagnosis coding and healthcare information documentation. The certification exam will consist of two parts and will take three to four hours to complete. The first part will contain sixty multiple choice questions and the second part will contain thirteen coding simulations. The exam regulations will permit individuals to bring their coding manuals, in order to use them for reference during an exam.

How Scoring Works for the Medial Billing and Coding Certification Exam

While the first part of the test contains sixty questions, only fifty of the questions will count towards the exam score. The last ten questions in the exam are being utilized as a test for use in future exams. A person will need to get a minimum of thirty-two correct in order to pass the first phase of the test. For the final portion of an exam, an individual can receive a total of three-hundred points and will need a minimum score of two-hundred in order to pass. While each part of the CCS certification exam is scored separately, if an individual fails to make a passing grade on either part, they will be required to retake the entire exam. The results of the test will be received in the form of a report and will be available immediately after an exam has been completed.